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LSC Q1 EPS amounted to NTD 0.48, YoY +60%   2019-05-02

(May 2nd, 2019, Taipei News) LSC (TWSE :5305) held its Board meeting and approved its Financial result for the 1st quarter 2019.  Revenue for the quarter was NTD 268.6 million, a 2% decline compared to the previous year, and a 6% decline Compared to the previous quarter. The 1st quarter gross profit margin was Impacted by a poor utilization rate of the 6 inch foundry and also because IC products employed a price cut strategy to enlarge market penetration rate. However, the profit injection from Diodes Inc. enabled the company to achieve a NTD 0.48 EPS for the quarter, with a 60% growth on a YoY basis.

The Board Members approved the consolidated financial results of Q1 2019 as of May 2nd , 2019, details as below:

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